I, John R. Prioleau, am the founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of the company, JR Investigative Consultants, Inc., which is based in Charleston, South Carolina.

I have made professionalism, integrity, and honesty the foundation on which my company was built.  Thirty plus years in Law Enforcement have brought me a sense of recognition and accomplishment to the government by starting and finishing a job with gratitude and sincerity.  I have established and maintained liaisons with state, county, and municipal law enforcement agencies in the Tri-County area for twenty years.  I have given personal attention to my client's sensitive needs, wishes, and problems.  I have traveled worldwide for the United States Government.  I have conducted internal investigations.  I have evaluated government contractor security programs for conformity with contract requirements.  I have developed and evaluated local security policies, regulations, and instruction manuals.  In addition, I have also served as an Anti-Terrorism Force Protection/Intelligence Officer.

If, you make the decision to let JR Investigative Consultants, Inc. handle your affairs, or if you chose to go elsewhere, please chose the right investigative firm for yourself and your family or unit.  Please, look at my firm first.  You will not be selecting a fly by night investigative firm.  Not only can I solve your problems, but I will give you a sense of accomplishment for your money. 

JR Investigative Consultants, Inc., takes great pride in itself, to work "confidentially" to gather the information needed for it's clients.

We are a member of SCALI,
the South Carolina Association of Legal Investigations.

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John R. Prioleau and JR's Investigations, Inc.

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